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Citrine Wishbone


A high quality heart shaped piece of Brazilian Citrine sits neatly on top of a strong sterling silver wishbone. This has then been decorated with 9ct gold fill accent balls to contrast the sunshine yellow of the citrine.

For those in an energy slump, these Citrine Stones can pick you up off the floor. Bright and breezy energy, it encourages you to move, find motivation, and manifest all that you need. But this isn’t a stone that is all about work and no play, instead Citrine encourages you to chase your dreams all by boosting your self-esteem. It's a stone that connects to the solar plexus and the sacral chakras. These chakras are all about play, passion, and power. By strengthening the cord of confidence, keeping you connected to your inner warrior, and encouraging curiosity, you can start to think big with Citrine on your

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