Next jewellery drop March 20th


Healing with nature....sounds as beautiful as it is.

We often don't realise the healing power nature holds and how even just going outside for a small mindful walk can make a sudden positive impact on our mindset and mood. 

I wanted to encase this healing in wearable jewellery and so R&W was born.

All my jewellery is made with special intentions. I want you to feel protected, safe, easier to breathe, loved, more positive. A clearer headspace, a happier outlook, a more forgiving mindset. These are just some of the strengths I want to invoke within you with your chosen piece of Mother Gaia.
I want you to have a talisman that has been handmade with such passion and love, that the flame used to make it gets carried to you to wear it. 

Everything is made with recycled metals and real natural healing crystals. Alchemy and my hands do the rest. In a city style apartment on the edge of Bournemouth with the crisp smell of sea salt in the air and the sand a stone throw away from my home. I can see the sea from my balcony in the morning with the gulls cawing above me. 

I hope you find something you love. Let Mother Nature do it's thing xxx