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Heyyyy...Welcome to Roses & Whiskey.

I'm Jessica - the creator, maker and owner of this small little witchy space on the internet.

I started making little necklaces from healing crystals as a hobby back in 2017. I never had any intention of starting a business - I had just always been a jewellery lover and learning to silversmith was a dream of mine. By October 2018 I was teaching myself how to silversmith. I had x2 evening classes at an arts university before the class got cancelled and we hadn't even covered anything. I decided at that point, nothing will stop me doing what i've always wanted to do and 16 months later i'm a very proud self taught silversmith.

I specialise in making jewellery with healing crystals. My signature pieces are rings. I've used crystals for personal reasons for years and kept thinking how magical it would be if I could incorporate these stones of beauty with my life long dream. Hey presto - Roses & Whiskey was born. As much as I love to grab rare crystals and one off finds, I try and focus more on the properties of the crystal, what it can do and how i can design something to help someone. 

2019 was hugely successful but after a year of making up 'made to order' pieces of jewellery and feeling like a machine, it stole a little of my creativity and didn't allow me time to come up with new things. This year, my made to order products are a lot less but I will be doing limited drops once, sometimes twice, a month of one-off, beautiful pieces. I've also opened the 'Witchy shop' on here. As a Green Witch and spiritual healer, I really want to share some of the magic nature has in store for us, so you can expect to see large crystals, accessories, spell bottles, cleansing packs, crystal shelves and mobiles.

Roses & Whiskey has only really just begun. Thank you for following me on this journey.

Love and light xoxo

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