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Helios - a sterling silver handmade ring holding a black onyx faceted heart and a teardrop rainbow moonstone.

When making this ring I had the idea of a sacred heart in mind for the design. Religious symbols are always an inspiration to me; of all religions. I always sawed a small heart out in the back so the black onyx can be on your skin, meaning you get the most of its protective energy.

Black onyx is an incredibly strong protective stone. It’s takes any negative energy coming your way, and completely diffuses it to positive or neutral. It’s also said to protect your own energy from being drained. Perfect for empaths!

Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings. It helps with aligning the female hormonal system and keeping those moods swings at bay.

This is the final ring to my Moon Sisters collection.
Helios was brother to Eos and Selene - the 2 moon sisters. Helios is in fact male, he is known as the sun god. I wanted to keep him with his moon sisters though so have stuck with the collection name as sisters. I chose Black Onyx because I imagine Helios would have been a protective brother of his siblings so felt it the perfect stone to base the ring on. I’ve then placed a rainbow moonstone above to represent his 2 sisters, who he is lovely protecting.

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