Next jewellery drop March 20th

Coin Talisman

£65.00 - £69.99

A mix of old vintage nature inspired coins from across the world. All have been adorned with healing gemstones to give you some extra wonderful magic.
Each talisman comes with a sterling silver chain, as shown in the image.
All chain lengths are 18" long. The 2 larger coins (Lapis Lazuli & Black Onyx + Rainbow Moonstone) will come on slightly longer thicker curb chains. These coins are slightly larger than the rest and I feel the longer chain suits these more.

Any questions about the chains or you want to discuss changing the chain, I would suggest purchasing the talisman as it is (there is only 1 of each and I cannot reserve) and then pop me an email. If there is any more to pay for a different chain we will arrange payment and if there is money to be refunded back to you it will be done immediately.

Happy Talisman shopping xx

1 Bamboo Coral - Balance
2 Jade - Luck
3 Peridot - Protection
4 Amethyst & Citrine - Healing & abundance
5 Amethyst - Stress relief
6 Amethyst & Peridot - Soothing & protecting
7 Black Onyx & Rainbow Moonstone - Strength & balance
8 Black Onyx - Confidence
9 Citrine - Prosperity
10 Lapis Lazuli - Third eye activating

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