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Raw Aura Angel Quartz Piece

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When you hold an Angel Aura Quartz Cluster, you feel an immediate rush of peaceful, calming and rejuvenating energy. Having it close to your heart lifts your mood, helping you to embrace a more optimistic attitude. This not only attracts more people toward you, it blesses you with an energy that draws in opportunities as well. See its rainbow, whimsical vibes surrounding you in a bubble of positivity, peace and happiness - it's all magic and unicorns with this crystal!

Angel Aura Quartz Clusters watch over you like guardians from the universe, protecting your aura and bringing positivity into your energetic field. These clusters create a bubble of peace, tranquility and affirmation around you that blocks stress from entering your spiritual space. In brightening your outlook, Angel Aura Quartz improves your mental health and gives you the drive to pursue self-betterment.

Holding an Angel Aura Cluster in your hands fuses with your crown chakra and can guide you to connect with your higher self. Employ the inner wisdom that you have acquired throughout your existence to give you clarity on present situations. It is a magnet for miracles of manifestation. The high vibrational power of all the points on this cluster will shoot intentions out in every direction. The spiritual energy of Aura Quartzworks to cleanse and heal your aura, bringing protection and balance as you begin new journeys of spiritual growth. Astrological Sign: Cancer

Your crystal will arrive lovingly wrapped and packaged in a box with a crystal meaning card.

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