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Protection Spell Jar (Mini)

  • Protection Spell Jar (Mini)
  • Protection Spell Jar (Mini)
  • Protection Spell Jar (Mini)

These ones are made to repel negative energy, thoughts and feelings. It cleanses negative and harmful energies.
What’s the black all about? That my little witches, is black salt. It’s one of the magickal key ingredients we witches cannot be without. It gets rid of negativity and nasty energies, and if you mix it white salt it harmonizes the atmosphere and balances the equilibrium of life.
With every practice, ritual or spell, I always incorporate salt. It is the manifestation of the earth and is my gift to you from Mother Gaia.
These bottles contain: Black salt, a pinch of white salt, white sage, rosemary, Rose, Carnation (the motherly love flower), Amethyst pieces, Marigold and Sage oil.
Spelled with positive intentions, sealed with black wax.
They are the perfect size to pop in your bag when we are allowed out again but even more perfect to add to your altar or a space in the home you can see it and be reminded of it’s power and what it’s doing. These will be available in the witchy shop soon 🖤
Shipped within 3 working days of purchase.