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Mystical Coin Talismans

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  • Mystical Coin Talismans
  • Mystical Coin Talismans
  • Mystical Coin Talismans

An alchemy mix of lucky coins and healing stones.

Feng Shui coins are used in general for attracting wealth and prosperity. A good luck token for abundance.
Each coin that has 2 gemstones, these have been paired together to work harmoniously as one.

A talisman, a magickal amulet, a luck charm, it's something unique just like you. No two talisman will ever be the same.

Each Talisman does come with a sterling silver chain or you can purchase the talisman without a chain.

If you would like to purchase without a chain then please contact me via email within 24 hours after purchase and a total of £18.99 will be refunded straight back to you. I can only add one option for each talisman on my shop and do not want 2 people to order the same necklace by mistake.
If you would like to discuss other chain options, please make the purchase (I can't reserve anything whilst we discuss) and then pop me an email to ask for different chain options and I'll send you the details of what I have to swap it to.

These are ready made so will be shipped out either the same working day or the following depending on time of purchase.

Citrine and Pink Tourmaline - Healing and emotional health

Rainbow Moonstone and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - Confident new beginnings

Amethyst and Peridot - purification and peacefulness

Jade - Luck and wealth

Labradorite and Mystic Topaz - Spiritual grounding

Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst - Hormonal healing

Amethyst and Smokey Quartz - Healing and Cleansing

Blue Topaz - Joy and happiness

I hope you love this new collection that I'm super happy and proud of.