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Morganite Sunshine

  • Morganite Sunshine
  • Morganite Sunshine
  • Morganite Sunshine

Some juicy peachy Morganite pretties.

Sterling silver rings holding a natural piece of Morganite with sterling silver ball accents.

These have all been made with very comfortable adjustable rings bands so rings size is not needed. They fit nicely up to a size T but if you would like one and for it to fit a bigger size then just let me know.

Morganite is one of my personal favourite crystals. One of my go to healers. It works with the heart - when it needs some compassion, some loving and care, Morganite has your back. A lot of people don’t realise it’s actually a powerful manifestation Crystal too. Working so close with the heart it makes sense that it would be. Just be clear with your desires, vision that’s happening and this little healing Crystal will help take care of the rest - but you must believe you deserve it!