Manifestation Bundle

  • Manifestation Bundle

A small yet mighty little magickal bundle to assist in your manifestation practice.

A spell candle that has been blessed and dressed in magickal herbs to bring abundance into your life.
Enough space has been left at the top of the candle to scratch or write in your manifestation word. Rolled in rose, lavender and chamomile.

A fresh piece of ethically sourced palo Santo to cleanse the space you manifest in.

Some white sage to remove anything negative in the air before filling it with positivity.

A small Clear Quartz point to amplify your desires and send your message clearly. Once you have completed your manifestation spell, take this Quartz with you. Pop it in your purse or perhaps put it in a small spiral to wear around your neck.

Freshly dried Lavender - it's scent alone can lift depression and ease stress and anxiety. What better way to prepare yourself before asking the universe for what you want. Pop this in an organza bag for a little room or desk scent. Or you can burn fresh lavender in your practice - pop it on a piece of hot charcoal to allow it to fill the room with its heavenly scent.