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So this one is for my fellow witches. Introducing ‘Hex’ 🖤
Hex is named after Hex stones, or otherwise well known as hag stones. Ya know those stones you find along the beach with holes in them? That’s a hag stone. What’s so magickal about it I hear you guys at the back saying...
Oh so much I say.
It is common belief that magick doesn’t work on moving water. The holes in the stone are made by the force of moving water, and it is believed that they retain some of water’s most beneficial influences and energies. They’re like protection amulets.
Others say if you look through the hole of a Hex/Hag stone, you will see into the Fae realm and will at last be able to see these magickal creatures and all that surrounds you.
Some believe they are a representation of the Goddess and can be used to create powerful love spells.
If you have more than one, tie them together for a magickal boost to their power. You can tie them to anything you would like protected.
They also regenerate your energy, refresh your body, mind, and spirit with powerful healing energy. The list goes on to be honest. But they’re witchy as hell and I personally love collecting them.

This ring was made from melted down recycled silver. Scraps left over from making protective stone rings and magick amulets. Silver that’s filled with intentions and high vibrations. I melted it and hand forged it into the ring you see here. I wanted to keep the ‘hag’ look to it so was keen not to smooth it out too much. It will be bloody shiny though! Like shine shineeeee shiny.
This ring is to protect you. The goddesses know we need that right now. It’s designed to remind you of your inner power. It’s made to make you feel like you are the magick, because you are.

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