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Healing Spell Bottle

  • Healing Spell Bottle
  • Healing Spell Bottle
  • Healing Spell Bottle
  • Healing Spell Bottle

Healing Spell Bottles ✨🌙
I adore making these. So much energy, intention and love goes into each one. Sage is usually burning, Lana is normally singing and candles are always flickering when I make up these bottles. I want each one to give you what they say right on the bottle - healing 🌼
All magick inside the bottle are little gifts from Mother Nature. They all carry there own energy, their own vibrations and their own healing powers. Herbs, plants, crystals, snakeskin and sage infuse this little glass vial with the powers to uplift, motivate, find love and heal. Sealed with candle wax to lock those intentions in and a raw piece of amethyst to protect you, your bottle and your spell. My gift to you xxx

Your spell bottle contains:
Ethically sourced snake skin for transformation.
Marigold for protection.
Rose for love.
Lavender for calm.
Hibiscus flower for passion.
Red Clover for power.
Sage for cleansing.
Black tourmaline to remove negativity.
Rose Quartz for self worth.
Citrine for abundance.
Fern for endurance.
Jasmine for clarity.

It will arrive safely packaged with a meaning card. Thank you for your order. This will be shipped within 3-5 working days if no jewellery is added to the order.