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Goddess Bundle

  • Goddess Bundle
  • Goddess Bundle
  • Goddess Bundle
  • Goddess Bundle
  • Goddess Bundle

When I’m low or anxious I always turn to nature. It really is medicine for your mood and with these I wanted to create something that makes you feel strong and loved. Its brings your inner goddess warrior back. I’ve got mine on my shelf above my work bench and something about this bundle brings me all the feelings and emotions I need to feel.✨
It’s made of Selenite, Rose Quartz, Palo Santo, Rosemary, Lavender, A feather, Seanshell, Dried flowers, Snake Skin, Chinese lucky coin. Everything has a purpose.
Selenite: Peace and Calm.
Rose Quartz: Love and self worth.
Lavender: Soothing and healing.
Rosemary: Cleansing and powerful.
Feather: Freedom and being watched over.
Seashell: Handpicked, connects with the ocean.
Snakeskin: Transformation and protection.
Palo Santo: Cleansing and strengthening.
Chinese coin: Luck.
Keep it all together or take it apart and work with each piece of magick and nature.