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Amethyst Beauties

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  • Amethyst Beauties

Two separate and different pieces of Amethyst.

Left - A faceted piece of dark Amethyst set in sterling silver on an 18" sterling silver belcher chain.

Right - A raw piece of Vera Cruz Amethyst hanging from a sterling silver cap with a 9ct gold filled beaded bail. This comes on an 18" sterling silver belcher chain.

Amethyst holds MANY healing properties and magickal meanings.
Many say it's a stone to help with sleep but this little beauty is actually known for creating some wild dreams. It's a soothing vibration so it's a great friend to anxiety, always telling it when to stop worrying. Any spiritual or physical dis-ease, this juicy gem will get right on in there and works it's healing magick.
For me personally, I never go a day without a piece of Amethyst on me somewhere.