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Blue Topaz Stacker

£35.00 - Coming soon

9ct Gold Blue Topaz Stacker Ring.

I have made 3 different rings to make this an affordable option for all my gold and silver lovers.

The first, is made with 3 different metals. The base (what you can see when you turn the ring upside down. See last picture) is made of sterling silver. This makes the ring very affordable without actually being able to see the silver when wearing it. The bezel (the metal around the stone) is pure 9ct gold. The beaded ring band is 9ct filled gold. This means the very core is made of brass and the ring has then been completely infused with 12ct gold. This is a far more durable, lasting and better option than gold plating. If looked after (no harsh chemicals on the metal too often) then gold will never fade.

The second ring option is all made up entirely of 9ct gold. The base, the bezel and the band is all 9ct gold.

Blue topaz is a happy stone. It fills the wearer with joy and an urge to spread love. It’s also known for calming the emotions and assisting with meditation.

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